Large box of mixed flavour chubs (44 x 454g) – no fish


In this box you get 44 chubs (454g – 1lb) of a mix of all flavours in our range (fish chubs not included)

Flavours include:

-Chicken and beef

-Lamb and pork

-Duck and beef

-Duck dinner

-Turkey dinner

-Chicken and lamb

-Lamb dinner

-Beef dinner

-Minced beef tripe

-Meaty dinner


(if there is a flavour chub you do not want in your mix  out of all flavours available, please let us know in the note section of your order. Also our dinner chubs are the correct ratios advised for raw feeding – you can let us know  in the note section of your order if you want “Dinner” chubs ONLY!)

*Chubs with “Dinner” in the label contain 80% Meat, 10% organ meat (heart,liver,kidney) and 10% bone